PHISCC Group Picture
Picture credit: Shilkumar Meshram, NCRA

The Pathfinders HI Science Co-ordination Committee (PHISCC) has been holding regular science meetings to discuss the HI-21cm science projects being planned and carried out with the various SKA Pathfinder telescopes and instruments, such as the upgraded GMRT, MEERKAT, ASKAP, WSRT-APERTIF, FAST, JVLA, etc.. The 10th such PHISCC meeting will be held at NCRA-TIFR, Pune, India, over February 6 -11, 2017. The PHISCC-2017 meeting will mark a turning point in HI-21cm studies, since many of the SKA Pathfinders will have achieved first light and begun their initial HI-21cm studies by late 2016. The exciting first science results from many of the pathfinders are hence expected to be presented at this meeting.

For PHISCC-2017, we aim to bring together the astronomers involved in carrying out the cutting-edge large HI-21cm programmes on the various SKA pathfinders, as well as those developing the software tools to enable the detailed science with the large datasets. Thus, while the major part of the meetings programme will be focused on the science that is beginning to emerge from the new observations, we plan to also have mini-workshops on the software tools. These will enable participants to share their experience with the different tools, allowing the community to make progress in both understanding and using the tools, as well as identifying areas that need further refinements.

The science topics at the PHISCC-2017 will cover all issues related to HI-21cm studies of neutral gas in galaxies, including HI-21cm emission and absorption studies, line surveys, intensity mapping, stacking, etc.. The software tools would include RFI mitigation, calibration/imaging pipelines, post-processing pipelines for source detection, extraction of kinematical information, etc.

Abstracts of proposed talks should be submitted by December 4, 2016.